Not Self but Country

A new nation forges  a new navy





     This is a story of the men who sailed into battle against the mighty British Navy in their smaller, often obsolete vessels converted from merchant ships of the day—men with names such as John Barry, Richard Dale, and John Paul Jones.
     Now you can experience the exploits of these men. At sea aboard a fragile wooden sailing ship of the Continental Navy, you find yourself fighting desperate battles against the world’s largest and most powerful Navy, Great Britain. Cover your ears! Cannons are firing everywhere—you cough on the pungent smoke, dodging and ducking as jagged oak splinters cartwheel past your eyes.
     There is nonstop action in this exciting new book by a new author on the scene—David C. Perry.
Not Self but Country is the first book in a planned new series telling the story of the infant US Navy.

"If you only read one book about the beginning of the United States Navy, Not Self but Country is it. Dave Perry expertly weaves an exciting and suspenseful story about the early days of the Navy and its heroes such as Captain John Barry, John Paul Jones, and Richard Dale. Bringing these leaders to life with a cast of superb supporting characters, provides an insight into our nation's history and the traditions and customs that are still observed daily aboard Navy ships around the world."
—Rear Admiral Greg Nosal, US Navy Retired

"Spellbinding! A nautical page-turner you won’t be able to put down. As a life-long mariner, I found David Perry’s mastery of the sailing culture captivating; his exciting prose will transport you to the era of our earliest naval heroes. A must-read for any fan of nautical and navy lore."
—Rear Admiral Tony Kurta, US Navy, Retired

“Transported back several centuries to the days of our embryonic Navy, we are swept up in the conflict, intrigue and social drama of those early Naval heroes who “greased the skids” for America’s future maritime influence. I was captivated by the tales of indomitable gallantry of those who answered the call and by the resolute sacrifice of those who stood by them. Truly an enthralling volume from a talented writer!”
—Rear Admiral Steve Eastburg, US Navy, Retired

“Not Self but Country” is a gripping seafaring adventure set in the late eighteenth century. Using naval terms and jargon of the day, David Perry has placed the reader squarely in the middle of the action. Overcome adversity and grow with John Paul Jones and other youthful mariners who are destined to become leaders in the newly established continental Navy. You will sit in on the strategy meetings at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia with Franklin, Jefferson, and naval captains of the day.
Climb the rigging, let loose the sails, and feel the wind in your face as you pursue the enemy. Stand on the quarter deck of Bonhomme Richard in the heat of battle, smelling the acrid smoke as the cannons lay barrage, and cringe when incoming balls splinter the timbers and hole the sails. Feel the pain of your fellow wounded patriots. There is no room for bystanders, so grab your cutlass, pistol, and hatchet and prepare to board when the order is given. The moment has come. When asked if he had struck colors, Commodore Jones shouted to Serapis, “I have not yet begun to fight.”
—Chief Warrant Officer Tommy Robinson, US Navy, Retired
Author of Steely Eyed Killers of the Deep